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Ouchie Cap Helps Children Ages 1+:

Head Boo Boo’s


Earache’s & Ear Infection’s

Headache’s & More

Ouchie Cap Features:

Machine Washable
Cozy One Size Fits All Design (AGES 1+)
Fabric Allows Cold & Warm Therapy To Get Through
Gel Packs Can Be Placed Anywhere & Stay Put
Fabric Prevents Typical Ice Pack Condensation
Comfy Chin Strap Makes The Cap Fit Just Right

Includes 2 Extra Durable, Gel Packs:

Can Be Used Outside The Cap
Freezer & Microwave Safe
Latex Free
Water Soluble

How Ouchie Cap™ Works:

Insert the 2 non-toxic gel packs anywhere inside your Ouchie Cap. They can go over the ears, top of the head, back of the head, front of the head, anywhere! They stay put!

Place the Ouchie Cap on your little one. The strap fits nice and comfy around the chin to hold the hot and cold packs in place so you or your child doesn’t have to!

You & your child are now hands free to enjoy natural, soothing relief. Ouchie Cap is a cold & warm compress your child will actually want to wear!